An Award-Winning Philanthropist, World Peace Advocate, Thought leader, Political Analyst , Member of WHRPA, UN , WHO , UNICEF , Cyber Analyst. Founder & President of Just world order federation and Entrepreneur Based out of Mumbai, India.

Dr Ahmed Haque is the Chairman of Just World Order Federation that Focuses on Spreading Peace , in Order to Achieve Sustainable Peace , Dr Ahmed Haque Promotes Policies and Development Projects that include Both Gender as well as Humanrights Perspectives , He has been a Opinion maker , Reconciler , Author and Editor with Specialization in areas of Interfaith , Religious Studies , Peace Studies, Philosophy and Social theory

His Significant Contribution towards World Peace , Health and many other Noble Causes is Recognized by some of the most Respected Institutions Across the Globe , Some of the most Prominent Award and Positions that he holds include, An Honorary Doctorate ( Honoris Causa) by the American University (AUGP) , International Ambassador for peace - UN, National President Youth for World Human rights Association, General Secretary of World peace harmony & He also Serves as a member on the international council of World Association of Non Governmental Organizations.

Dr Ahmed Haque is also Appointed as the Director of the Jewish- Islamic International Peace Society, He's Trustee of Masjid va Madrasa Baitul Aakhirah, Mumbai . Youth president of Muslim Youth Anti terrorism committee , India . Member of Indian Muslim for Progress and Reforms and Advisory Board member of Delhi Minority Commission.

Through his work and Activism , Dr Ahmed has always promoted and prioritised the tolerance of interfaith values and going forward he promises that he will keep Peace at the Epicentre of Everything he does