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DISCOVER : The Childhood Journey

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Dr. Ahmed was born in Mumbai and had a multicultural and liberal upbringing. He grew up in an atmosphere that believed in peace and treated it as humanity’s highest value.

While growing up he was taught that a decisive step toward peace, reducing poverty and achieving equality can only be taken if the government and the citizens together work hand-in-hand.

Since his childhood, he has been fascinated by the idea that we share the same God. He believes in promoting peace and respecting all religions. He further believes that no religion teaches to be unfair towards others and his quest to understand the teachings of all religions, motivated him to study the holy books of all religions like the Quran, Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible and more…

His quest for knowledge and wish to become a HUMAN BEING, motivated him to read extensively about Mahatma Gandhi, Gautam Buddha and all the greatest Indians who brought the best out of humans.

He did his schooling at OLHS School. He completed his graduation in Commerce and post-graduation diploma in Human Rights from Mumbai University. Furthermore, he has also successfully completed his MBA in Export Management from IIBMS and Master Level Advanced Certificate Program in International Relations Theory and Politics.

While growing up, he enjoyed playing football and has played for some of the well-known clubs in Mumbai between 2012-2014. Today, though he doesn’t play football for any club, but he still tries to find time to pursue his passion along with activities like meditation, reading novels and travelling. He believes that travelling to new places and meeting new people helps him understand the human psychology even better and inspires him to know and address their concerns.